Show & Sell satisfies the interests of many stakeholders in the sales process:

For the Road Warriors

Quick access to shareable content
Present products with visual references
Submit leads with notes for other staff
Instant follow-up with customers
Simple, easy-to-use interface

For Master Marketers

Get new collateral to the rep’s hands fast
See what is being viewed and sent
Gauge effectiveness of exhibit marketing
Maximize your tradeshow budget
Gather insightful feedback with surveys

For the BigWigs

Know what’s working and what’s not
Grow your sales network and client base
Save costs on printing and lead retrieval
Immediate ROI with long-term scalability
Per-user reporting to gauge effectiveness

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Features Tour

  • Upload your own content. Supports PDFs, videos, audio, HTML 5 apps, and Weblinks.
  • Customize backgrounds with graphics and branding
  • Customize asset icons or use our automatic button creator
  • Build surveys and forms
  • Create submenus to organize content
  • New asset notification banners
  • Instantly sync updates to all devices
  • Detailed analytics show a list of leads, what they viewed and requested, and surveys taken
  • Bookmark PDFs to find important content quickly
  • Password-protected administration portal
  • Fully rotatable
  • Manage users and licenses to add/revoke access to content
  • Offline capability
  • iOS 8 compatibility with retina graphics
  • Send a corporate branded email with a link to download the requested content
  • Send a different file other than what is displayed in the app
  • Collect lead's name, email, company, and phone number
  • Add photo to lead details
  • Design a different follow-up email for each show
  • Add comments to lead details
  • Recall leads to add internal staff notes to a returning visitor
  • Send from personal iOS mail with content attached. Emails are sent directly from the rep.
  • Access to personal address book on device
  • Add a personalized email signature and message
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